Facebook and Microsoft: Companies Announce Plan to Lay Trans-Atlantic Undersea Data Cable


The social network website Facebook is among the popular websites of the world. With 1.65 billion active users, Facebook has risen up to prominence because of its excessive advantages. It is just not the platform for socializing; it is basis for marketing, businesses, news, communications and whatnot. Today in this existing world, Facebook is almost like a family to the most of people. It keeps people updated about their circles and about the world. Alongside Facebook, another company which has certain websites and apps under it with billions of active users is Microsoft. It is also very popular among the people, not just because of the Windows, but because of Skype, Office and many others. The partnership between both of the parties has always been beneficial in both of their parts. There have been dealings in the past which were pretty successful.



The strong association of Facebook and Microsoft has been taken to a new level with the recent announcement of partnership in the laying of trans-Atlantic undersea data cable. The undersea cables are basically optical fibers, embedded in the layers of petroleum jelly, aluminum/copper tube, polycarbonate, aluminum water barrier, steel wires, Mylar tape and polyethylene. These cables are placed under the sea by the means of large ships. The cables are also known as Submarine Communications Cables. Between Virginia, United States and Bilbao, Spain the four thousand miles data cable will be laid below the Atlantic Sea. ‘Trans’ means across, therefore the meaning of transatlantic is across the Atlantic Ocean. The cable that is to be laid on the ocean’s base is called as MAREA. Data cables transmit signals and data through them. The capacity of this cable to transmit data would be 160 terabytes per second, which is a very huge amount. The intricate thinking behind this insightful technology is beyond amazing. The wonders it could do are no secret.



Although the construction and placing of the cable is a tiresome and costly process, the hard work is worth it. The services provided by Facebook and the co-partner Microsoft would be efficient and fast due to the immense capacity of the cable. With the increasing number of users the only motive of both of the parties is to provide efficient and sociable facilities. MAREA is claimed to be completed by 2017. It can be foreseen as success of Facebook, Microsoft and their users. The cables require less investment than satellites do, and they are super fast. Furthermore, with the transmission of data undersea it can be stated as reliable and private. In case of any damage in one part of the cable, the remaining part continues to transmit data even if it is connected to one of the strands of optical fibers. Seeing these heavy advantages of Submarine Cables, the renowned companies have mutually paved a path of another incoming success.

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