The New King of Cars – The Tesla Model 3



Every time something new comes around, there are lovers and haters. The new Tesla model 3 is no exception to that rule, but it’s very quickly shutting down the hate and showing itself to be a fast selling, highly reliable game changer.

With over 230,000 cars ordered within 24 hours of its launch according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, it’s worth taking a look at why this car is so special.

A Game Changer for Everyone

Success the likes of which Tesla has been seeing is a huge boost for the electric car industry. CNBC reported that the Tesla Model 3 sold more cars in 24 hours than every other electric car company did in 2015. Besides issuing an all-call for the electric car industry to step up its game and compete, Tesla unequivocally proved that more people are trusting electric cars as opposed to combustion engines.

All of which is good for the economy, the environment, and in the very near future – consumer’s wallets. The sharp drop from $70k with the Model S to $35k with the Model 3 is telling of Tesla’s plans for the future.


A Revolution of Tech

Just over 100 years ago we had brand new combustion engines in cars that were changing everything. Now we have electric engines in much more technologically advanced car doing the exact same thing. With the base model of the Tesla 3 starting at 215 miles for a full charge, the advancement is evident. Just a few short years ago we were struggling to eve make an entirely electrical car. Now, the future is here.

While we don’t yet know everything just yet that will be going into Tesla’s new car, we do know a good bit about how it and its’ miracle battery are being produced – and therein we find the major breakthroughs that are allowing this model to be cheaper. It’s believed that Tesla is developing new ways to store more power in batteries using silicone, a major breakthrough that can change the auto world forever.

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