How To Dress For business Travel

What To Pack & What To Wear

Be clever with the clothing that you take. Most business trips only last a maximum of three days, so there’s no reason why you can’t wear the same suit every day. As long as you pack an interesting and diverse selection of shirts and ties (as well as pocket squares, if appropriate), it will appear brand new every time.

I’d suggest taking either a solid navy or grey suit as they are the most versatile, then pack the trousers and wear the jacket when travelling to reduce the chances of major wrinkles.

All you need to do then is pack three shirt and tie combinations for each day – think subtle, work-appropriate patterns like micro-check and pinstripes, in interesting colours like pink, blue, lilac and green, and always remember that your tie should be darker than your shirt.


Altering The Look Of A Suit

Using the current AW13 lookbook from sartorial heavyweight Suitsupply, below you can see how changing just your shirt, tie and pocket square can alter the whole aesthetic of a standard grey or navy (albeit different shades in this instance) suit:

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